SME Salary Benchmark

We've completed the first benchmark based on 154! filled out surveys by founders and mayor shareholders of SME's. We've looked at compensation, percentage of ownership, other types of compensation such as dividend, car, pension etc. Buy the report here!

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SME Salary Benchmark

Traditional salary benchmarks are often too focused on large companies and therefore do not provide a clear picture for small & medium size companies. Nor do they take into account the dynamics in fast-growing companies. That is why we started the SME Salary Benchmark. A platform for SMEs where we share our data together - of course only visible anonymously - thereby gaining insight into what is normal. In other words, a benchmark that suits our companies and issues.

Our future plans

After launching the first salary benchmark for founders, we plan to also launch a salary benchmark tool. We will also include the lessons we learn in the first Salary Benchmark and your feedback.

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